Monthly Archives: March 2015

New recordings 3/15/15

Just added to our music page are “Shootout” and “Dark Eyes.” This is the first recording of our original “Shootout.” This may be our sixth recording of “Dark Eyes” and we found a hard rocking groove and a great chimey tone. Today these are the first songs on our “Music” page.

New video comparing 11 guitar bridge pickups

Here is a link to a video we just posted (with detailed comments) comparing eleven different bridge pickups on eight different electric guitars. First we play a 39 second segment in a full ensemble with each pickup in turn. This is followed by the lead guitar alone, in the same order. The complete video lasts 15 minutes. The order of pickups is from most trebly to least trebly, in our opinion. Guitars include Fender, Mosrite, Goya, Steinberger, and several we customized. This should be of interest to guitarists and we do not know of another recording like it.