About Us

The Insanitizers perform in the Portland OR-Vancouver WA area as a duo of Conrad and Tom. We select the music we love and we expect you will feel it. As we play our guitars we control percussion with foot pedals.

Reasons for The Insanitizers at Your Event or Festival

  • Our lively upbeat energizing music elevates mood. Suitable for all ages.
  • Our twangy guitar instrumentals have no problem lyrics or abrasiveness.
  • Pleasant tones rock without grinding. Creative yet harmonious.
  • Volume as you wish, adjusted electronically as needed, including drums.
  • Song speed slowed for dancing as you like, our percussion speed has a knob.
  • Avoid licensing fees with BMI & ASCAP. Places where music is performed (even nonprofits) that allow songs published by BMI or ASCAP to play must by law buy licenses annually. We have enough original music to avoid this on request.
  • Award-winning music and performances. Check “Awards & Reviews” page here.
  • We appreciate the importance of attentive and prompt communications.

Insanitizers music is all about fun, for all ages. It involves listeners in adventures with frenetic energy, tension, mystery, and drama. Most recent recordings use silky chimey guitar tones, with plenty of variation between songs. You can hear influences from classical, surf, flamenco, rockabilly, and other rock styles. These songs are for guitar; they don’t suggest that a vocal will begin.


Insanitizers music was written or arranged by guitarist Conrad Swartz. Musicians contributing to our albums are credited on them. Conrad also mixes and masters recorded music, including all music of the Insanitizers.


Conrad performed instrumental twang rock-n-roll with accompaniment at the New York World’s Fair in 1965, at the New Jersey, RCA, and Tiparillo pavilions. After other professional endeavors, in 2007 Conrad recruited other musicians for The Insanitizers performing guitar band in the Portland, Oregon metro area. The band performed as a trio then a quartet. In 2012 the performing band became a duo and in 2017 a trio.