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Editing videos from NW Acoustic Guitar Concert

We’re editing video and high quality audio recordings we recorded of the NW Acoustic Guitar Concert, as a contributed service to the program. The recordings will be turned over to concert management, and they will post (or link to) them on their website. Another week or two and they’ll be finished.

Update as of 11/30/14: We completed all editing, and we also constructed a master DVD suitable for duplication. Concert Management is pleased with the results and plans to post some videos on the internet and make the DVD available for purchase.

Surfin’ at NW Acoustic Guitar Concert, 9/27/14

An hour of calm acoustic fingerstyle music had mellowed the audience of about 120 into a meditative state. Then I took the stage with my black Ibanez Euphoria guitar. Twenty seconds in the audience was fully alert with saucer eyes and big grins. Despite 72 degrees ambient the heat from my guitar work brought me to a drenching sweat within ten minutes. My performance was extended to a fifth song by audience enthusiasm. Afterwards many attendees said “That was FUN!”

Which it was. I hope to post an audio recording of my performance here on within a week, on the blog page.
Songs performed: 1. Flam Flame, 2. Karrellia, 3. Dark Eyes, 4. Undertow medley, 5. Puppetor.