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Bass Guitarist Eric Johnson joins The Insanitizers

Bass guitarist Eric Johnson joins The Insanitizers ! We are now a trio (plus robot drummer) and we sound Better Than Ever.
Hailing from Detroit then performing bass (and surfing) in California, Eric was hooked on instrumental rock by The Ventures. Now Eric looks forward to a fun Summer of Street Fairs, Brew Fests, Car Shows, Sip-n-Surf Wineries, and Beach Parties with The Insanitizers’ excitingly vibrant music.
Eric feels kinship with The Ventures, Los Straightjackets, and Man or Astroman. His favorite instrumentals include “Shootout” by The Insanitizers and “He Never Came Back” by The Ventures. His favorite Hot Rod is the 1968 Mustang Fastback. 
Come meet Eric, Tom and Conrad at our Vancouver Farmers Market Saturday performances May 13 (9:30-11:30am), June 3 (9:30-11:30am) and June 24 (12:30-2:30pm).

Sun 7/10/16, 6-7pm Tiki Kon finale party

We will perform live at Tiki Kon festival in Portland on Sunday evening July 10, 2016 from 6pm to 7pm. Our performance is FREE to attend, no ticket or pass needed. Location: The Bamboo Craftsman, 2104 North Willis Blvd, Portland Oregon. Other activities at Tiki Kon require a ticket or pass (

The Tiki Kon organizer invited us on the spot when he saw us perform in January. Come and hear why.

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At Burnt Bridge Cellars Fri. Jan 8, 2016, 5:30-8pm


We performed acoustic guitar renditions on Friday Jan 8, 2016, at Burnt Bridge Cellars winery, 1500 Broadway, downtown Vancouver Washington, to a large and enthusiastic audience. Mark of Burnt Bridge graciously provided us with the best viognier white wine we’ve tasted (pronounced vee-on-yay). This wine is complex, fruity, brut and mellow, with not even a hint of harshness. Just like our music.

Greg Clapp of Tiki-Kon recorded part of our performance, viewable from our Facebook page (timeline date 1/11/16):