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Sun 7/10/16, 6-7pm Tiki Kon finale party

We will perform live at Tiki Kon festival in Portland on Sunday evening July 10, 2016 from 6pm to 7pm. Our performance is FREE to attend, no ticket or pass needed. Location: The Bamboo Craftsman, 2104 North Willis Blvd, Portland Oregon. Other activities at Tiki Kon require a ticket or pass (

The Tiki Kon organizer invited us on the spot when he saw us perform in January. Come and hear why.

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At Burnt Bridge Cellars Fri. Jan 8, 2016, 5:30-8pm


We performed acoustic guitar renditions on Friday Jan 8, 2016, at Burnt Bridge Cellars winery, 1500 Broadway, downtown Vancouver Washington, to a large and enthusiastic audience. Mark of Burnt Bridge graciously provided us with the best viognier white wine we’ve tasted (pronounced vee-on-yay). This wine is complex, fruity, brut and mellow, with not even a hint of harshness. Just like our music.

Greg Clapp of Tiki-Kon recorded part of our performance, viewable from our Facebook page (timeline date 1/11/16):

Halloween! Vancouver Farmers Mkt – Sat Oct 31, 12:30-2:30pm

We’ll sing Vancouver Monster Mash–with our own comedy lyrics about Vancouver–at the Farmers Market on Saturday Oct 31, 12:30pm-2:30pm. The location is downtown Vancouver, near 6th and Esther Streets. We’ll be under the tent.

(added later on 10/31/15): We performed in driving rain today. We enjoyed it, and we turned up the volume a bit because that made things cheerier. We were under a tent, but we were standing in water as we played and sang. At the start the rain was a drizzle. Our tones were astoundingly gorgeous, and our renditions of Walk Don’t Run, Apache, The Munsters–and our Monster Mash vocal–received wild enthusiasm. The rain gradually rose and when we left we were soaked. The photos show the guitar duo, Monster Mash chorus singer Sandor, and soundman Kirk.



Sept 11 performance at Emanar Wine Cellars

It’s a gorgeous place for dinner and wine in Battle Ground, Washington, and even more sumptuous with our lovely tones. We began at the lowest performance volume we ever used, to permit conversation among the diners. The large sliding doors to outside were closed because of the outdoor heat. As the evening progressed temperatures outdoors moderated, the sliding doors opened, and diners moved outdoors. We notched the volume up a bit, and that suited what was now a larger venue, and we were rockin’.

Gallery 360 performance 1/2/2015

We had a lot of fun performing at the lovely Gallery 360 last Friday. Here are a couple of photos of us wired up and in action.

Conrad & Tom, at Slocum House Gallery, 1/2/2015.
Conrad & Tom, at Slocum House Gallery, 1/2/2015.
Conrad & Tom, performing at Slocum House Gallery, 1/2/2015.
Conrad & Tom, performing at Slocum House Gallery, 1/2/2015.

Cheers to Kirill and  Michael for attending as they advised via “Meetup.”  Thanks to Linda and Cynthia for the photos.

Performing Friday 1/2/2015, 6-8pm

On the first Friday of January 2015 (1/2/15), 6-8:15pm, the Insanitizers duo will perform Music for Surf-Flamenco Guitar Duo indoors at the Gallery 360 downtown Vancouver, Washington. The gallery is in the historic Slocum House, 605 Esther Street, at the SW corner of Esther Short Park.

Our sound is amazingly gorgeous although at the volume of an ordinary conversation. All our songs have new arrangements, in the style of Rautalanka music from Finland, upbeat, jolly, or mysterious. Simultaneously see the new art showing. There is no fee to attend, and our music is suitable for all ages.

Even if you can not spend,
we hope you will attend.

Note: Gallery 360 moved a few months ago, after our May 2014 performance.

Songs from NW Acoustic Guitar Concert 9/27/14

Songs performed by Conrad, without accompaniment, at the NW Acoustic Guitar Concert, 9/27/14. Even more frenetic than usual.

1. Flam Flame

2. Karrellia

3. Undertow Medley

4. Puppetor

Surfin’ at NW Acoustic Guitar Concert, 9/27/14

An hour of calm acoustic fingerstyle music had mellowed the audience of about 120 into a meditative state. Then I took the stage with my black Ibanez Euphoria guitar. Twenty seconds in the audience was fully alert with saucer eyes and big grins. Despite 72 degrees ambient the heat from my guitar work brought me to a drenching sweat within ten minutes. My performance was extended to a fifth song by audience enthusiasm. Afterwards many attendees said “That was FUN!”

Which it was. I hope to post an audio recording of my performance here on within a week, on the blog page.
Songs performed: 1. Flam Flame, 2. Karrellia, 3. Dark Eyes, 4. Undertow medley, 5. Puppetor.