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An Independent Music Award…Please Vote!!

Two of our recordings are competing for an Independent Music Award, “Shootout” and “Huntington Surf.” This is like a Grammy for bands not on contract with a major record label. Please vote for our songs. We are not trying to win on popularity, but we need some votes so that the quality judges will seriously consider our entries.
This may be the simplest path to vote:
1. Click on this link: Independent Music Awards Voting
2. Register
3. Login
4. Click on this same link again:
Independent Music Awards Voting
and then please vote. You can vote for both recordings. No cost.
You can hear both recordings from that same web page.

1st Prize in Dallas Songwriters Assn Contest

Our song “Shootout” just WON FIRST PLACE in the 2016 Dallas Songwriters Association Contest (Instrumental). The award page cites Insanitizers guitarist Conrad Swartz as songwriter
This competition includes all genres of music. “Shootout” is the first song on our October 2016 album “Guitar Fun” and is followed by 21 more adventuring guitar instrumentals. Hear it on the front page of

“Guitar Fun” CD in NGD Magazine

guitarfunp1“New Gandy Dancer” Magazine from the U.K. just published a review of our “Guitar Fun” CD album (Oct 2016 issue 125). Editor Davy Peckett wrote, “We like The Insanitizers!…another jolly twangfest of no less than 22 great tracks. Good stroke having the keyboard-led Resonance to break up the guitars…The covers are delightful arrangements of Irish Washerwoman (and she rocks!) and the European classic Dark Eyes. Rocket Pack has a great Joe Meek guitar sound. Solid twin guitars with Malaguena. Misigila is the big surf sound…W-Ray Gun a deep resonant twanger finishes this fine set.” Rated 4/4.

“Guitar Fun” CD a “Top Ten Pick” by Pipeline Mag.

Our “Guitar Fun” album is reviewed in Pipeline Magazine issue #102 Autumn 2016, just received. It’s a Top Ten Pick by editor Al Taylor. He writes, “a full hour of guitar fun…Rich guitar sounds abound as Shootout sets a western theme and Dark Eyes Rock gives the old folk tune a good working over. Tasty echo and twang decorate Rocket Pack…and there’s more rich guitar on Huntington Surf.”

“There’s a resonating guitar intensity to most numbers…organ plays the support role on Love in Purgatory…and it takes the lead on Resonance. Misigila is from the same dynamic mold as Misirlou. Waterboard Surf 2016 is another lively piece swathed with guitar and Loose Surfer features a pedalled lead. Listening to this album is a very intense experience, not for the fainthearted!”

You can hear each track complete at no charge at the front page

Insanitizers win “Best Rock Instrumental Album” national award

In July 2016 we were notified that our new CD “Guitar Fun” won the award for “Best Rock Instrumental Album.” The review goes: “‘Insanitizers deploy their marvelous talent for the guitar to the interpretation of a modern vibe – what results is a completely novel experience of a genre you thought you knew and understood.’

You can see the announcement here:

The “Guitar Fun” CD released October 1, 2016. It has 22 adventure packed instrumental adventures featuring guitars, synthesizers and percussion. You can hear the songs on this CD from the front page of this website.

National “Best rock instrumental” award June, 2015

On June 15, 2015 we received the national award for “best rock instrumental song” from The Akademia ( for our recording of “Shootout.” The award letter says “Winning an Akademia Award is a rare career distinction.” The award is shown here:
It spans all rock instrumentals, not only surf guitar.

At this time you can hear this thrilling recording on our front page

New recordings 3/15/15

Just added to our music page are “Shootout” and “Dark Eyes.” This is the first recording of our original “Shootout.” This may be our sixth recording of “Dark Eyes” and we found a hard rocking groove and a great chimey tone. Today these are the first songs on our “Music” page.