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5PU tri-colorSM
Conrad made this 5 pickup tri-color guitar (white/black/metallic gray). Its five pickups differ and each has a specialized use.

Pickups near the bridge give chimey tones, used in most melodies. Having two different bridge pickups widens the range of melody tones. Further, the bridge rails pickup splits into single coil mode. The Rose Mariposa pickup adjacent has a western twang. The rails in the middle gives mellow harmonic distortion and clean tones.

The neck pickup is in reversed phase, giving dynamic harmonic distortion tones when combined with a bridge pickup. It also gives bass-emphasized tones for bass lines.  Adjacent to the neck pickup is a single coil pickup with sweet tone alone or combined with bridge pickup.  Conrad’s switching design uses two 5-position switches in series to select any single pickup, most pairs, and several threesomes.

5 pickups. Similar to above.

Ktone-MerStrp-SmAcoustic-electric with original strap by Meryle The Bootmaker.

MosriteExcJapanTom plays this Mosrite. The fretboard is unusually narrow.

Blk Steinie-SmSteinberger USA. Bridge pickup is rotated 180 degrees so its split single coil is further from the bridge, for sweeter tone. The fiberglass-graphite neck never needs adjustment and maintains tuning.

Washburn modified with lipstick pickups, brass roller bridge and Bigsby vibrato.

Univox-mod-Sm1965 Univox modified with Epi vibrato, roller bridge, neck shim.


Ibanez-Euphor-Sm Ibanez Euphoria acoustic-electric has a dramatic timbre.