Performance at NW Acoustic Guitar Concert-Contest Sat Sept 27, 2014.

The Northwest Acoustic Guitar Concert & Contest is coming on Sat. Sept 27, 2014. it will be at Shorty’s Garden Center at 10006 SE Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, Washington. The contest is in the afternoon. The concert is in the evening.

I (Conrad of the Insanitizers) am not a contestant but I will perform at the end of the contest. I will be the only one to perform instrumental guitar songs using a guitar pick. The Concert and Contest will focus on fingerstyle (fingerpicked) guitar, and also on singer-guitarists. All performances will be solo.

Here is an article in the Columbian (Vancouver, Washington’s newspaper) about it. My part is briefly mentioned about 2/3 of the way through the article.

Here is the website for the concert and contest:

All entries for the contests have been chosen. It is free to attend from noon to 4pm (I am scheduled for 3:30pm). The concert that follows requires a purchased ticket ($20 advance, $25 at the door).

Here is the detailed schedule as it stands right now. it is subject to change.

To clarify, I’m playing at the end of the contest but I’m not in the contest. I’m also not playing during the concert in the evening. And Yes I will twang the living daylights out of an acoustic guitar (which of course is electric too). Each brief song I will play will require a fresh pick, and you will easily see why.