Performing Friday 1/2/2015, 6-8pm

On the first Friday of January 2015 (1/2/15), 6-8:15pm, the Insanitizers duo will perform Music for Surf-Flamenco Guitar Duo indoors at the Gallery 360 downtown Vancouver, Washington. The gallery is in the historic Slocum House, 605 Esther Street, at the SW corner of Esther Short Park.

Our sound is amazingly gorgeous although at the volume of an ordinary conversation. All our songs have new arrangements, in the style of Rautalanka music from Finland, upbeat, jolly, or mysterious. Simultaneously see the new art showing. There is no fee to attend, and our music is suitable for all ages.

Even if you can not spend,
we hope you will attend.

Note: Gallery 360 moved a few months ago, after our May 2014 performance.